Tomorrow’s Kitchen is a new brand  of the International Innovation Company (IIC). It’s a family company and a real trendsetter in ‘Dutch Creative Brands’. The family company finds it very important to produce all things within the borders of Europe, and today over 150 mentally or physically disadvantaged people are involved in the production! The importance of social responsibility of this company could not be underestimated: not only do they employ disadvantaged people, but IIC also founded a foundation which has helped over 50.000 disabled children and has realized many usefull facilities in developing coutries.

Tomorrow’s Kitchen will not immediatly ring a bell, but if you say VacuVin a lot of people will know this brand: it’s also part of IIC but due to the new sales approach, ‘Dutch Creative Brands’, VacuVin will only cover all wine and bar accessories.
And so 2morrow’s Kitchen will put the focus on innovating kitchen items!


Discover the unique saving program of Tomorrow’s Kitchen! Every product of Tomorrow’s Kitchen has saving points, which you can collect and afterwards you can choose a free product! Want to collect your free product? Quickly take a look at: