How it all began

In 2014 our house was finished and we were ready to move. Due to the specific house style (black, white), we needed fitting furniture and decoration. That’s where our interest came from to decorate with, in some peoples’ eyes, cold-looking items. Except, those people who said that they found it nice, but that it would be boring after a while, also liked our interior after they brought a visit…

Let’s go for it

We (me and my husband) also have great interest in starting up an independent business. My husband, who is a web designer, is already independent for a few years. And since we moved to our new house, he immediately took the great step to stop working as employee and being now full time a web developer.

That’s also why we started up a web shop in design items we like. Hopefully you’ll like it too!

20 brands

Zone Denmark – Scandinavian kitchen & bathroom accessories

Villa Collection – trend driven interior collections

Novoform – Nordic design with respect for natural materials

Vacu Vin – for any wine or cocktail lover

Tomorrow’s Kitchen – the frisky effect to your kitchen

BeauNoir – for the love of sleeping

Anette Jakobsson – Swedish design which everyone loves

Pluto Produkter – update your home with decorative and playful interior details

Mette Ditmer – design is like real life

Felius Design – cool design

Sirius – shining moments

Rustik Lys – Loving, honest and traditional: that is how the candles are made and is the pride of Rustik Lys!

Skandinavisk – creates stories to remember, fragrances to surprise, and designs to keep

Bitz – the healthier lifestyle

Bloomingville – bring new life and small surprises into modern homes

OYOY – timeless Nordic design

Spring Copenhagen –

Spring Copenhagen – inspire to better everyday life

Star Trading – not just a ‘Christmas company’

Umage – exquisite designs with a sustainable edge

Storefactory – a brand in synch with nature